Saturday, 31 January 2009

CanCans Fingerless Mitts

Another pair of fingerless mitts!


I'm getting a bit obsessed with fingerless gloves just now. They're easy and quick to make, warm in the winter (definitely needed here just now!) and they leave my fingers free to work my camera, Ipod, take money out of my purse or whatever.

These ones are from the CanCans pattern, which was another of those patterns that came up on ravlery as a new pattern, and wouldn't get out of my head. I think it's those ridges at the top and bottom, they just called to me, and forced me to make them :)

They knit up really quickly, and the cables added interest. They have decreases as well which make them really snug (but not tight!) against the arm, and hence really quite warm. I used Stylecraft Special 4 ply in Navy, which to be honest is quite splitty and annoying to work with, but it makes a nice soft fabric, thin but still quite warm. I've worn them outside already, and they kept the chill from my hands quite well :)

If I was going to make them again, I'd probably knit a few inches straight in the pattern before beginning to decrease, but just because I'm obsessed with long fingerless gloves right now :) They're a decent length as the pattern is written, it's just if I would modify them for myself. I'm totally happy with them though! The thin fabric resulting from the fingering weight yarn means that they're thin enough to go under thinner jacket arms, so they're good for wearing with a more "dressy" coat.

I decided my next project would be the Shetland Shorty shrug, which I'm also using Stylecraft Special 4 ply for, but in black. Again, splitty and annoying, but makes a nice fabric. It's coming along well, and I can't wait to have it done so I can wear it! I really don't know why the pattern sat for so long printed out, before I started it. At least organising my patterns reminded me of it (and lots more patterns) so the poor thing can be finished! :D


Anonymous said...

I really like these! The cables are very cool. :)

Zu said...

I love those! I like wearing fingerless mittens so I can use my phone and mp3 player when needed.
I'd probably make them longer to cover my fingers as well. :-)