Thursday, 29 January 2009

Trying To Organise

I'm in the process of trying to organise my crafting life. It seems like there's wool, patterns, needles, bits of fabric, bags with more wool and various crafty things lying all over the house at the moment, and it's getting a bit much! :)

I've put all my wool into the one room, on shelves, and in bags, but all together. My knitting needles and crochet hooks and various sewing needles etc are a bit of a problem, though. No matter where I put them, they seem to migrate out to various places in the house. And scissors just seem to disappear into the ether! I've no idea where they go! I'll have to work on that part of my organisation.

I've put all my magazines into box files, and put them beside my crafting books on a bookshelf in the living room - I tried having them in the spare room, but I would just drag three of them into the living room to browse through, and never return them, so I figured if they were all in the living room, I could at least keep them tidy on a shelf but they'd still be available for browsing. And I've put all the patterns that I've printed out, but haven't knit yet, into poly-pockets and put them all in a Hello Kitty ring binder.


I got the ring binder cheap from Woolworths when it was going bust and having its huge sale. (Still sad about Woolworths going bust!) Isn't it cute? I love Hello Kitty! I also got a bunch of HK DVDs from the pound shop, and have been sitting watching Hello Kitty cartoons like a child! Still, it's fun :D

I put a whole packet of poly pockets into the ring binder, put my four latest mags in the back so that they would be handy and I wouldn't have to drag out the box files, then proceeded to fill up ALL the rest of the pockets with patterns that I've printed out then abandoned. 36 patterns! I hadn't realised that it was so many! (Mainly because they were lying all over the house!) So I've resolved to knit through at least most of them. There are a few colourwork patterns in there, so I can still continue the Year of Colour :) but I'm going to try to reduce the pile at least a little. I feel guilty having printed them all out then left them for other projects :)

My first two are the Sheep and Wool hat and Shetland Shorty. I haven't cast on either yet, (been working on another pair of fingerless mitts!) but all the materials are organised around my chair. And two spaces in my folder are empty!

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Anonymous said...

YAY for organizing crafts! I just recently bought myself some more baskets to put knitting into and it really does help keep everything in place, plus I feel so much better now that it's all in one place and not spread out everywhere! :)