Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Norwegian Star Hat

Project 2 in the Year Of Colour!!


It's the Norwegian Star Hat by Stephanie Taylor. I chose it because it had a more complicated chart, actually knitting something recognisable as a pattern, but the chart wasn't too big, 16sts by 15 rows, I think, so it was totally manageable.

It knit up so fast! I started yesterday and I would have been finished yesterday except I had to rip back to before the decreases and add 5 more rows in black to make it a bit longer. I have a huge head! :D

I totally love, love, love this hat. I was staring at it in the mirror for ages just marvelling at the fact that I knit that pattern! Those blue stars, I knit them! And even though I had to strand across 5 sts at a time sometimes, my stranding looks pretty regular.


I'm so chuffed. Eventually I had to be told to calm down because I was getting a little manic about what is essentially just a hat :) But I totally love this colourwork thing. I just have to decide what to make next :)


Lina said...

It looks really nice! Congrats! :)

Sherry said...

Wow, amazing job!! You are inspiring me to try stranded color work