Monday, 19 January 2009

Salvaging Trystero

The saga of the Trystero socks is finally over!

(Actually, it was over in December, I've only just decent pics of them now, so I hadn't blogged about it)

After casting on the first time, I got thoroughly confused and had to rip :( The second time, I decided to use Socktoberfest as a motivation to get these socks knit, because it's such a lovely pattern, and I didn't want it to just disappear into the ether of projects that will never be knit. So I cast on, knit down past the heel, halfway down the foot, and it was too small :( I hadn't accounted for how the cables would pull in, and no, I hadn't done a gauge swatch ;)

Not to be outsmarted, I re-cast on quickly, going up to 2.75mm needles (I'd been using 2.25mm the first and second times. I knit down to the toes this time. I tried it on when I was just past the gusset, and it seemed OK, so I just kept going. However, it wasn't OK. This time,it was too big!! The sock was too wide, and looked like it was going to stretch a little more with wear.

I gave up. The nearly completed sock, and the yarn (purple pure wool 4 ply by Rennie, off of ebay) went into the corner. And there it sat till December, mocking me. Every time I looked into the corner of UFOs, my mood dropped, because I was so annoyed with these socks. I swear, it was laughing at me!

Eventually, I got fed up being annoyed with it. I picked it up, to see if there was anything that could be done. Maybe I could rip back to the heel, and use a smaller needle from there on. Or something. Anything to get the damn socks done!

I put it on over my hand to look at the stitch pattern, and pulled it up so that the foot was over my hand, and the cuff was over my forearm. And then it came to me. Fingerless mittens! I could rip back to before the heel, and just continue from there, with no heel turn, knit a few stitches later in waste yarn to attach a thumb to, knit a few rows of ribbing at the top, and hey, presto, a fab pair of mittens!

So I did just that:

Basically, I repeated chart A until I was where I wanted the thumb to go, knit a few stitches in waste yarn, then did another repeat. I decreased stitches at the hand ribbing, to make it a big snugger. Basically, I just decreased wherever there was a p3, to make it a p2, so that the ribbing from there was k2, p2. Then I bound off, and picked up the stitches for the thumb and knit a few rows in ribbing, until the thumb was as long as I wanted.

I made the mittens elbow length, which I love. They're super warm under my jacket, which is good because I wear vests and t-shirts normally, so extra long mittens means I don't have to put on another layer under my jacket. They're quite gothy too in the purple. ;)

I really like the Trystero pattern as gloves (pattern here, by the way). It's made me look at sock patterns in a whole new way now too. I've been browsing ravelry ogling sock patterns and imagining them transformed into gloves and mittens.

Hopefully one day I'll be able to actually knit the Trystero pattern as a pair of socks! I don't think I'll try it for a while though, I'm all Trystero'd out at the moment! :D


Kate said...

What a brilliant solution. :-) The colour is gorgeous, too.

Lina said...

They are gorgeous! LOVE them! :)