Monday, 26 January 2009

Quickie Handwarmers

I've been working on a design recently (isn't it a bit annoying how designs have to be secret till they're done?) and I've had to knit the same thing twice, in a different yarn, and also to check the pattern I've written up. Well, I'm 3/4 of the way through the second one, and to be honest, I was getting a little burned out. Not because of the pattern, cos I really like this one, and I loooove the yarn I'm using for the second version, but more because, well, I've already knit it once. Like, last week. And because it's secret, I feel like I've got nothing new to blog about. (even though I've got about four projects waiting for photos, or simply for something to be written about them. We'll just forget about them for the time being ;) They'll get their turn in the spotlight soon!)

So, I needed a quick project to rejuvenate me :)

This pattern (Crocheted Hand Warmers by Nadine Borovicka) came up on the Ravelry new patterns page a little while ago, and I just haven't been able to shake it from my head. The pink and brown combination, and the cute little flowers really caught my eye, and kept shouting to me. So I started my version yesterday, and finished them today.


I used James C Brett Super Soft Baby Double Knitting in pink, and some Stylecraft Special DK in brown. Small amounts of both, and a 4mm hook.

I made some small modifications. I added in an extra row of DC before the thumb opening, an extra row in the thumb opening, and a few extra rows at the top. I wanted them to be a bit longer in the hand :) I also picked up some stitches round the thumb opening, and did a row in pink SC, and two rows of brown SC. I didn't do any decreases around the wrist opening. The flower embroidery was improvised. The first one went really well, then I had to try and match it on the other glove. Which I did! The first time I did it, I made two left gloves! :D I didn't get a photo, unfortunately. So I had to pick out the embroidery and do it on the correct side of the hand! It didn't take too long, though.

I really like them, they're very cutesy :) I kept the colour combination the same as the original pattern, because that's part of what was sticking in my head, was that combination of brown and pink. Hopefully now they'll stop shouting at me, and I can get on with other things! :D

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