Friday, 2 January 2009

Christmas 2008

Hey, now I've written the New Year posts I wanted to write, I can finally get round to writing about my Christmas!

We just had a quiet Christmas Day at home. My bf's mum came round and my bf made roast beef with roast potatoes and onions. Yum! (He made it for New Year too!) Tupac was very excited when the beef came out of the freezer to defrost, and even more excited when it started to cook. He actually sulked when it dawned on him that no, he wasn't going to get the yummy chunk of raw meat :) He went over to his bed, and lay down looking really unhappy, and wouldn't even go for his teddies when they were thrown! He cheered up a little when he got the leftovers from the plate, but then decided he wanted the rest of the beef that was leftover and that we were going to eat later. He wouldn't eat his own food, because he was determined he was going to get this beef. He got a little, but not as much as he wanted. Poor dog! :)

I went to my parents house on Boxing Day, and we opened presents and had another big meal, gammon and pineapple, potatoes, sprouts, peas, everything you could think of! Then we sat about and watched some of the DVDs they gave me (lots of Stephen King movies, so we had a scary boxing day watching The Mist. Good movie, with a totally f-ed up ending.

The day after, we went to my aunties house. I got to see my cousins little baby (she's nearly a year old now!) and we played with all her toys. She's so cute! She's at the stage where she can almost walk. She can walk across the room if you're holding onto her, and is obsessed with anything shiny. She wanted to play with all the decorations and totally took her chance to point them out to these new-ish people to see if we would give them to her. My Dad actually held up a shiny decoration for her to touch and she was well chuffed! She has some cool toys too! I love playing with kids toys, cos I'm just a big kid myself at heart. I'll have to resolve to go and see her more often. Last time I saw her, she was really just a little baby and she's grown so much over a year!

I got some knitterly things for Christmas. I got Knitted Icons by Carol Medlrum, which is very cool. I totally want to make Godzilla and King Kong first and fight them against each other! :D I also got some yarn from my parents, and the drop spindle I'm getting next week is actually part of my Christmas too.

After all that I came home the next day, totally exhausted! It was a nice Christmas, quietly busy, and with lots of nice time with my family. And lots of nice presents too! :)


Samsara said...

Hey, sounds like you had a great Christmas! I wonder how many dogs sulked over Christmas because they didn't get what they wanted *lol* You got some great pressies and more to come? Hurray! Can't wait to see your spinning!

Lina said...

That sounds like a great Christmas! LOL at poor Tupac... I hope he went back to eating his kibble the next day. :)

It's amazing how kids grow so fast! I remember when my cousins were born and now they're 16 and 14! Pretty soon your cousin's baby will be in high school, wait and see!