Saturday, 10 January 2009

First FO of the Year of Colour!


I finished my Stripey hat!

I love it! I can't quite believe that I managed to complete a project in stranded colourwork! I'm so proud of myself right now :D

I thought it was going to be too small when I cast it off, but I gave it a good steam-blocking, and it fits fine now. I recently discovered the magic of steam-blocking hats, and it's wonderful. I put my hat over a pyrex bowl, and just blast the iron at it. I generally don't put the iron straight on it, unless maybe it just needs an extra flattening, and then only for a second. I did that for the top of this hat, because it was a bit pointy before blocking, and it made it so much nicer. The strands at the back got much neater and straighter too with the steaming.

As an aside, like my new head? :) I blagged it off my Dad when I went to my parents' house at Christmas time. It was just sitting in a corner anyway :D Now it only takes a second to take pics of finished hats, and I don't have to harangue any
one else into taking pics, then not having them turn out the way I would have taken them. Now all I need is a fake leg like Cookie A takes all her sock photos on, and I'll be set!


torirot said...

Congratulations on your first stranded colourwork! It came out really nice:)
(I want a head like that too!!)

Moggle said...

Hurrah for colourwork!

Nice hat and nice head!

Allena said...

that looks wonderful! i've put it in my queue!

Samsara said...

Nice hat! I love the colours :-) Well done. Hurray for heads! I use my poly Zha'an for photographing hats - M wouldn't pose for the photos and it's hard to take piccies of yourself wearing a hat. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Kate said...

Gorgeous! Hope it gets lots of wear. :-)

I have fake legs but no fake head. The legs I got from eBay and they are really useful. It's much esier than trying to take pictures of your own feet!

Lina said...

It looks pretty awesome! Congrats on finishing your first color work. Pretty soon you'll be doing whole sweaters, you'll see. :)

Oh and I love your "head," LOL. I want to get one myself!