Monday, 2 February 2009

January Review

Ooh, that title sounds all official, doesn't it! :)

I just wanted to go over what I've made in January. There's quite a lot, I seem to have been very busy!

All the links are to blog posts, or you can check out my ravelry profile for more info on any of the projects.

I started my Year of Colour with Stripey
Then I crocheted the Cowl Neck Sweater from the Lion Brand Free Patterns Page (more on that soon!)
The Year of Colour continued with a more complicated charted hat pattern - The Norwegian Star Hat.
Then I made two pairs of fingerless mittens - my Pink and Brown crocheted handwarmers, and my CanCans.
Then I started on the Shetland Shorty shrug.

And in between all that, I made three other smallish things, which I can't really write about yet. Boooo! :D

Blimey, looking at it written out, did I do anything else except craft? :) Yet, I did. I started going back to dance classes, and I also started taking a photography and photoshop class. Hmm, I really should write more about that in a bit! And I've been working out to some of my exercise DVDs in a bid to lose a little bit of weight. :) Yet another thing to write about at some point! Maybe I can review the DVDs or something.

I honestly don't know how I've manged to do so much! Something must have been slipping somewhere else, which I'll probably realise next month! :D I hope this kind of productivity continues though, it's fun having lots of new knit and crochet items!


Moggle said...

Sounds like a very busy and productive month.

Anonymous said...

So jealous! I wish I could have accomplished all that, but work got in the way. Maybe February will be better for me. ;)

Congrats on getting all that done!

Zu said...

And that's just in January!? I wonder how long that list will be by the end of the year. :-)