Monday, 9 February 2009

My New Favourite Shrug

OK, so every time I make a shrug, it's my new favourite one, and I love all my shrugs, which is actually kind of strange really, since I never thought I'd get into them, but I really like the way they look on me with vest tops ;) Like this one:


Pattern: Shetland Shorty, by Gudrun Johnston, from

Yarn: Stylecraft Special 4 ply in black, probably about a ball of it, maybe a little more. It was split over two balls that I'd used bits from, so I'm not really sure about the exact yardage. I'll weigh the shrug later, then I'll be able to tell! :)

I really-really-really love-love-love this shrug!!! It was one of the patterns that I'd printed off ages ago, but never chose the yarn for. Then I bought two balls of Stylecraft Special 4 ply just before Christmas last year, and a couple of weeks ago something clicked, and I realised I could use that yarn. I'm so glad I finally got round to making it! I wore it to bellydance class last Thursday, and it was perfect. It didn't make me too hot, so I could keep it on through the entire class and not get too chilly, and I like the way it ties just exactly under my bust line :) Very useful for seeing how my isolations are going ;)

I would totally make this shrug again, and am even trying to plan what other colours to make it in! It was a really fast knit, only a few days, although sometimes the K2togs got a bit fiddly and time consuming and I wanted them to hurry up! The picking up of stitches for the neckline and armholes felt time consuming too, but picking up stitches always does! It wasn't actually that hard to get the right stitch count for this pattern when picking up, and I like the garter stitch on the neckband, ties and armholes. Very stretchy on the ties!


Samsara said...

Nice shrug! Looks like just the thing for dancing. I've seen a few of these made recently and they're all lovely! Might have to add it to my Ravelry queue! :-)

Zu said...

That really does look nice on you. :-) I still haven't worn a shrug. Maybe I should put it on my to-make list. :-)

Zu said...

By the way, I've nominated you for a lemonade award. Check my blog. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It looks great!