Sunday, 24 June 2007

The Stash . . . and my attempts to stop it from growing

I've been tidying.

I put all my yarn on shelves

OK, it's not much compared to other people's stash, but it makes me feel kinda guilty when I see it all spread out like that. (and yes, those bags in the corner are full of more yarn!). So far, having it there seems to stop me buying more, but it has only been there for a couple of days.

But on a more positive note, I have been toying with some ideas for using it up, even odd balls. Tribal scarfs! I suddenly realised (nicking the idea from one of my friend's costumes on Wednesday, which had a fringed scarf made from a door curtain!), that I could make fringed, even beaded hip scarves to wear when I do my tribal dancing. I'm making one just now, basically a moss stitch rectangle which I'm going to fringe later, but I can see there's so many possibilities with this, for decorative hip scarfs. They could have lace, cables, fringes, beads . . . my imagination is going overtime with this. If only my hands could keep up! But I can see once the summer is over and dance classes start back up, I'm going to have some very interesting pieces!

I've finished the front, back and both sleeves of Rogue now, but I've gone onto the hip scarf because I have a stinking cold, and a very sore throat. I just couldn't concentrate on cables just now. So a moss stitch hip scarf it is! It's being made with very fine wool, 2 ply, purely because it was there to be used up, so it'll take a while, but it's something relatively mindless to make while I sit sniffing and feeling ill.

But despite all these efforts to use to stash and stop myself feeling guilty, the postman brought this the other day:

300g of varigated laceweight merino. It's so soft! I just keep rubbing it against my cheek, amazed at how soft it is! I don't think it'll be knitted up for a while, it's definitely a comfort yarn just now!

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Lothlorian said...

wow thats a lotta wool!! discounting my handyed I dont actually have much stash, its mainly sock yarn I have ;)