Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Rogue, Dancing and Cotton (and Merino, but you've not to notice that!)

I've had a busy few days.

On Saturday I went to a friend's birthday party, which was more like a hafla. Me and my other friend did a bollywood routine at it, and there were other bellydancers, african drummers, and tribal style dancers. It was so much fun! All of the other dancers were amazing, and it was fun to dance along to the live drumming. There was a great buffet (always one for the food, me!), and there was a great atmosphere. The people there were mixed - some dancers, some not, probably about half and half. There was one little girl who wanted to join in with the dancing, and got right up in the group on stage at one point. And she was getting the moves! It was so cute! She was even getting our bollywood moves, but she'd been moved back by her parents by that point so she was dancing away between the tables.

Then I had a rehersal yesterday. The place where I do dance classes on a Saturday is having their end-of-year show tomorrow, so there was a technical rehersal yesterday. It was just as well I went to it, cos I wasn't at class on Saturday, so there were a couple of bits that I didn't know, or had changed. It should go alright tomorrow though. Fingers crossed!

I'm still working on Rogue just now. I've done the front and back, but have changed the knitting order and am doing the sleeves before I do the hood. I always get a definite case of sleeve syndrome, not even second sleeve syndrome, just first sleeve, and I wanted to get them out the way first, and have the hood to look forward to making. I'm about half way through the first sleeve. It's taken ages cos I had to keep ripping it out cos I made mistakes with the row count, and the increases. That's why I hate making sleeves, I always get the increases wrong. I actually got more than half way through this first sleeve at one point, then realised I'd messed it up, way back at the beginning. I was going to just leave it, and I knit a few more rows, but I realised I couldn't leave it like that. So I ripped the sleeve. This was the second time I'd ripped it, cos I'd messed up the row count somehow before that. Now, though, I think I've got it. I'm back to where I was this morning when I started - I've been knitting all day, with nothing to show :( But at least now it's right, even the cables look better, so I'll be more pleased with it when it's finished.

And now for a picture:

My cotton arrived! I'm quite pleased with it. It looks thinner on the ball than I'd expected, but I haven't tried swatching or anything with it yet. I think it'll make a nice jumper or cardi. I haven't decided yet. I've got so many things lined up that I want to make, I just wish I had some sort of time stopping device, so I could make them all at the one time. And I also kind of bought some laceweight merino off ebay as well, but that hasn't arrived yet.

Notice how I left that confession till last? It was hardly noticeable at all, was it?

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