Friday, 1 June 2007

More new stuff!

I got two parcels in the mail today:

The Sirdar Flash Peacock I ordered after finishing the orangey sweater (it doesn't really have a name other than that). I WAS going to make one exactly the same, but I'm thinking I might make this one a teeny bit looser, maybe with some cable ribbing? I don't know yet though, the yarn shows really well in ribbing, I'll have to swatch to see how it looks in cables. I tried all different kinds of stitch pattern with the orangey yarn, and it looked best in ribbing. Stocking stitch was a bit too plain for the colors, and anything with a knit/purl pattern just got lost in the variations.

I really like Sirdar Flash. Yes, it's acrylic (it must seem like I knit with nothing else, but I do, honest!), but it's really quite soft, I think, and just the perfect thing for an autumn sweater. I'm not a terribly big fan of wool, it seems quite scratchy sometimes, but I do love cotton, and just wish I had enough money to try the new bamboo yarns, or silk, or sari yarn - the list could go on forever. Oh, I want natural fibres! But while I'm trying to save money for them, acrylic will do. Except Sirdar Flash, which I actually like.

Speaking of cables, I seem to be a bit obsessed with them. The book in the photo up there is Arans and Celtics: The Best of "Knitter's Magazine". I've looked through it, and I love it. Not all the patterns, but most of them. I just wish I could knit three things at once, to get through all the projects I have lined up (all of which seem to have cables).

This blog seems to be mostly knitting so far, not much writing about dancing going on, but that will be remedied tomorrow. I'm going to a workshop by Fereshteh! Yay! Her site is on the bar on the right. She's really good, and I'm looking forward to the workshop.

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