Tuesday, 12 June 2007

New Knitty Up

Yay!! The new knitty is up!! I've just been looking through the patterns, and there's a few I'd like to make. I was going to post pictures, but there's actually quite a few, so I'll just post links. You all probably know what they look like by now anyway!

Tangerine Twist
Sophie - but probably without the split in the neckline
Breeze - probably a bit longer
Wisp - I was just looking for a mohair scarf pattern to use up stash yarn - how did they know???
and I really like Prickly Girl but that would involve maths to size the pattern up to fit me. Maths is scary, but that top is so cute!!! Oh, the dilemma!

But before I get to all those, I'm making Rogue. I've got past knitting the pocket now, but I still have a bit to go before it's joined to the rest of the sweater. This pattern is lots of fun to make - it's knitting up really fast cos its Aran weight wool (it seems like all I've been using lately is 4 ply, so it's a welcome change). Also, I like how it's all completely spelled out in easy chunks, and I can tick them off as I do them. I like ticking things off, it makes me feel like I've accomplished something!

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