Thursday, 14 June 2007

I am so bad!!!

Uh oh. I just bought 1000gms of cotton aran off ebay. I'm not supposed to be allowed any more yarn. Erk. But it's 1000gms!! Of 100% cotton!! And aran weight!! How often does that come up? Answer - never. So it was my duty to buy it, yeah? I couldn't pass it up, even if I have been banned from allowing any more yarn into the house.

My bf is going to be very upset :(

But I'll have yarn, so that's good :)

I should just ban myself from ebay, it's too tempting.

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Lothlorian said...

the trick is to say you can have some whenever you want, that way you stop wanting any ;) the minute you say cant your brain says MUST....mine does anyway which is why I never stashalong as I would just buy more LOL

does that make sense ;)