Friday, 15 June 2007

Rogue Progress

Rogue has been positively zooming along. I do have a picture, but blogger's being stoopid. Today I've knitted from the top of the pocket, to finishing the back. (I didn't have anything else to do today, so spent all my time knitting). I love this pattern. It's so much fun, and so well written. I'll probably do Eris as well, by the same designer, but I've got about five things lined up after Rogue. I'll be repeating the blueberry sweater next, for my MIL. That should go pretty fast, since I've already done it once. I also want to do loads of other patterns, from sites, magazines, books . . . I'm going to be very busy. If I listed all the patterns I want to make here - well, I could do it, but it'd take too long, and I'd probably spend all my time updating and changing it. So I'm only really thinking about what I'm doing now and next, not letting myself think about anything else. Well, not much, anyway. It's hard though, when I keep looking at yarn and imagining what I could make with it!

Anyway, back I go to Rogue. I can't keep myself away from it. Did I mention that I love this pattern?

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