Friday, 22 June 2007

I Have A Question . . .

Do other bloggers out there find that some days they have nothing to write about, then suddenly there's like 3 different subjects vying for attention, wanting to be written about? I've noticed I have that problem a few times, and either have to drop a subject or end up with a very confused post. Today, I'm just going to have to drop a subject or two, and concentrate on the one thing, I think. I'll post either later or tomorrow, or another day with the other topics. If they're that important, they will appear.

I think the problem is that I'm writing about my two loves - knitting and dancing. I don't like to mix them in a post though - I'm going to have to try to keep them seperate, at least that far. I'll just have to get better at tagging posts - I've been a bit lax about that recently.

Anyway, I've had a few interesting dance experiences recently. I danced at the show for the place where I dance on a Saturday. I did a Tribal routine, and a Belly Dance routine, with the other women in my classes. They put the wrong music on for the Belly Dance routine - I didn't know what to do! It was just as well our teacher was dancing with us - she just stayed put and signalled that it wasn't the right music. I think if I'd been dancing alone, I'd have totally paniced. I'd either have had to make something up on the spot, or just run off stage!

I was very nervous about the tribal dance. I've only really performed tribal with my group once before, and it was all choreographed (even though it's not supposed to be, we cheated! It was our first time!). So in this one, the first half was choreographed, and the second half was improvised. I hid at the back for the second half. :) I had a place in the front group for the first half though, so I felt like I did something. But I seriously need more practice making up tribal dances on the spot. I'm just not comfortable with it at all.

Then yesterday, my other class went to perform for the WI, in a nearby village. That was great fun. The women there were fantastic - mostly older ladies, as is often the case in the WI, but they were really up for having a go along with us after we'd performed our routines. Our teacher lent them coin belts, and they really went for it! It was amazing, and great fun. I've danced for the WI before, in a different area, with a smaller group, and they were a bit more reserved. This group seemed really into it. Maybe some of them will come to the class next term - I hope so! And they served a brilliant tea afterwards! Tons of sandwiches, cakes, tarts, and as much tea as we could drink. They were soooo nice!

But that's it for classes for the summer, unfortunately :( We're going to try to keep the hall on a Thursday, but there will be no Saturday classes, no belly, bolly or tribal. And I'm not even sure if there will be a bollywood class when I go back! My teacher was training to be a doctor as well, and now she's got a job, so she'll be too busy to teach dance. I hope they get someone else to do the class! I'll really miss it if it stops!

EDIT: Oops! Got the wrong link for the WI, that's for the English one. The Scottish one is the Scottish Women's Rural Institutes. Just as well I actually read the WI page after I linked to it!

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