Tuesday, 8 May 2007


OK, here are some socks, hot off the needles!

Bit of a bad picture, here's a close-up of the cables.

These were made from a pale blue cotton yarn (Patons I think, I've lost the ball band. Well, I say lost, I mean I threw in the bin, thinking I would never need it again.) Two skeinsone for each socks, toe up, with the cable pattern from Dad's Easy Cable Socks from Socks Socks Socks. I reversed the cable pattern on one sock, so they would go in opposite directions on each sock. I've made this pattern before, but from the top down as the pattern itself says to do. However, I've recently learned how to make toe-up socks, and like that much better. I get full yarn useage, instead of either running out, or having a useless tiny amount left over. And the seam on the toe is much smoother. My sewing skills are not really up to par, so when I graft toes it can be a bit of a mess, to say the least. When I learned though, I had to put together bits from different pattens I found on the internets, cos I wanted a slip stitch heel, and I couldn't find a pattern that went toe-up and had one with the right number of stitches. So I ended up having to make my own 'recipe' for toe up socks. It seems to work with all gauges. I'll post it here at some point, when I've actually written it in a coherent manner :)

are another pair of toe-up socks, made of some random acrylic (Patons baby stuff maybe, I dunno, I threw out that ball band too. I'll go to the shop at some point and sneakily see what it was). This was a nice yarn, I kind of like working with acrylic, I know a lot of people have a problem with it, but this one was nice and soft. The only problem I had was getting the right number of stitches to stop pooling. Even then I could see patterns coming out that I didn't want, but they weren't too noticeable, and there was enough randomness to keep me happy.

And that's some of what I've been making recently. There's still more, and there's the stuff I've made before to get photos of and put up here.

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