Monday, 28 May 2007

Blueberry not Blackcurrant

No progress on Rogue - it's not even cast on yet. The pattern isn't even printed out yet. I've been trying to get on with the Blackcurrant Ice Cream top. I keep making mistakes with the cables and not noticing for ages, then having to rip back. I had to rip out 3 inches yesterday! But that's nothing, the day before I knit about 7 inches altogether (not in one day, right enough), realised I'd made a mistake, ripped back and got thoroughly confused trying to put the stitches back on the needles. So I got annoyed and ripped the entire thing. This must be the fourth or fifth time I've started this top. At least it's my fault the past few times. I was so gutted when I found the error in the chart the first time, then when I couldn't fix it quite right the second time. Now I've got my head round it though, and mostly I'm working from a chart in my head, rather than the one in the magazine. It's a shame about the error cos it's a really nice pattern. Here's a photo of the progress so far:

This is going to be the back. For the front, I'm not going to make those bobbles on either side - they look a bit too nipple-tastic when it's held up against me. Oh, and I've also made it a bit longer by continuing the cables for a few rows more than they were meant to. It seemed very short for me, it's better for me to have it too long than too short - I'm more likely to like it that way. It seems like it'll turn out to be a suitable length now.

I like the way this yarn is knitting up, even though I've no clue what it is. The ebay listing said it was wool, but in the UK that's often used just as a way of saying yarn. It doesn't feel like wool or cotton, but it doesn't feel like acrylic either, at least not 100% acrylic. It's plied kind of like a bit of string, and I'm not really sure how to describe the feel of it. Not as rough as wool or acrylic, but definitely not as soft as cotton. I think I'll have to take it somewhere, maybe a yarn store or something, and see if anyone else knows what it is. I never wash my hand knits in the machine anyway, or rub them, so it would never get a chance to felt, but it's bugging me that I don't know what it is. Oh well, I like it anyway. But I'm going to have to rename the top to Blueberry Ice Cream - the color is just not blackcurranty at all.

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