Saturday, 26 May 2007

Finished sweater

I've finished another sweater!

The pattern is from The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd. It's a set in sleeve sweater with a crew neck. I really like that book. This is the fifth sweater I've made from it. It's made with Sirdar Flash in Sunset, I think it's called. I've already ordered the Peacock color from ebay so I can make another.

I seem to have been going through a bit of a finishing phase recently. I sewed up this and Mariah, both of which I had had lying around for months. There's just something about sewing things up . . . I don't know what it is, because it doesn't take that long really. I feel really weird now cos there's nothing waiting to be sewed up any more. Nothing. It's all finished. Knitting isn't quite the same without something calling from the bag in the corner to be finished up. Oh well, I've got two, soon to be three projects on the go just now, so they'll all be waiting to be sewed up at the same time soon, I expect. Those are the Blackcurrant Ice Cream top, the Peacock sweater (when the yarn arrives, next week hopefully), and I was going to start Durrow, like I said in the last post. However. (By the way, this happens a lot with me, there's always a 'however')

I swatched for the pattern, being really good and swatching in the proper stitch pattern and everything, and it was going good. I had gauge on stitches and rows. But the color wasn't quite right. I had imagined the yarn as more of a dark wine red, and when it knitted up it was more of a scarletty red. Too bright for Durrow, I think. I'm thinking that pattern will look best in dark wine red, black or navy. Or another dark color. But this yarn is quite bright and cheerful. SO I was knitting it up, thinking I was just going through that phase of 'could I be knitting something better', then suddenly I remembered a pattern I'd bought ages ago, after seeing Purl Friday's finished one - Rogue. This seemed perfect. But I didn't feel right just changing pattern like that. So the swatch sat there for a few days while I pontificated. I kept staring at it, thinking, I bought this to make Durrow! It wouldn't be right to just change - besides, I'd already told everyone, in real life as well as here, that I was going to make that one. But I think I've decided. The yarn wants to be Rogue. It told me so when I was swatching (stop looking at me like that, you know yarn does that!). So I have to let it be Rogue. If I try to force it into being Durrow, something terrible will happen (by the way, you should also know I can be a little over dramatic). So pictures soon of Rogue progress, and I figure that leaves me free to go shopping for yarn for Durrow! Yay!

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