Monday, 21 May 2007

7 random things

Yesterday I kind of tagged myself on Jodi Green's blog to do the seven random things meme. I figure it's kind of a good way of getting more about myself on the blog. It's hard to know how much to put about myself out here. I mean, most people who have knit blogs seem to put photos, names all sorts of info on their blogs, and I think that's what makes some of them so interesting to read. But I don't really know how much I want to put out there myself. I'm kind of (well, very) shy in real life, and I guess that influences my hesitation to put my real name or photos of me on the blog just yet. Maybe later I'll get more comfortable with it, and you'll all be bored to tears reading about my mundane life (ooh, I just got an interesting typo - mundance). Anyway, what all that was leading to was, that I figured this meme would be good cos it'd be more personal info, but not too much, you know? Here goes:

1. I hate getting water on my face. It causes a lot of problems, more than you'd think. For years I refused to wash my face, it's only recently I've started being able to use baby wipes rather than soap and water. I swim weird cos my head has to stick out of the water, and I eat fruit weird cos I have to wipe my face in between each bit, for instance when eating a big piece of melon and the juice gets everywhere. I also hate slime and reckon I must have blennophobia. Ug, if anyone ever does come to read this blog, you're just going to think I'm totally strange now. And you'd be right!

2. I can speak and read Japanese! I went to uni to learn it, but I ran out of money, and they wouldn't let me finish my course. But I can get by in Japanese.

3. I love reading. I have five bookshelves, not quite all full of books, but I've got more at my mum's house too. I'll read anything, fact, fiction, cereal packets, but my favorite books (at the moment, it changes often) are science fiction and war stories.

4. Red is my favorite color.

5. I can windsurf too! I used to work at a watersports park and took advantage of the half price classes. I've got a certificate and everything! I had problems the first few days cos I hate water on my face, but my body just learned to balance really good really quickly. The feeling of the wind pushing you along is amazing! I wish I lived nearer a lake or something so I could do it more often.

6. I love cute characters like Hello Kitty and Miffy. I went to the Miffy's 50th birthday exhibition in Edinburgh yesterday, and it was great. Look

Tribal Miffy!

Miffy doing a veil dance! :)

7. I like chocolate, all kinds of chocolate. (Ok, lame, but it's quite hard actually to think of seven random things).

Now I need to think of seven people to tag. I'm very new to the blogosphere and I feel kind of weird tagging people. But I guess part of the reason for starting this blog was to get into this kind of thing, and get involved in the communitah, as it were. So I'll tag seven people today, and put a proper post on tomorrow!

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jodi said...

I hate getting stuff on my face too. I've got a real hangup about sunscreen right now, I know that I should use it and that the area I live in has a higher rate of skin cancer than the rest of the province, but, ew. People spend so much effort and money making sure their noses and foreheads aren't greasy and then we're expected to put that goop on? I don't understand why more resources haven't gone into producing a sunscreen that doesn't feel (and look) oily. Imagine the profit potential there.