Wednesday, 30 January 2008

More Baby Knitting

I made some hats for my cousin's baby, who was born healthy on last Sunday! Yay!

I used two patterns in the making of these - the tinkerbell hat pattern (the one with the crown in my photo), and this beanie pattern. I changed this pattern a bit - cast on 80 sts instead of 92, and then I used this formula for making the larger one - same pattern just with bigger yarn and needles. I've no idea what the yarn was, it was just in the stash, and is now gone! Yippee!

So that's my baby knitting done for a while. The sproglet has loads of clothes given as gifts from various people, plus what my cousin bought herself, so I don't think she'll need any more for quite a while! There's another baby due, but that's in the bf's family, and frankly I can't be bothered making the effort knitting for it. I think my cousin will appreciate the hats and other knitting, whereas I don't think the other soon-to-be-parents would. So I'll just buy them something instead. I'm too busy knitting for myself!

Scheherazade is finished but not blocked. I cast on for the celtic knot stole, but then realised I'd made a mistake about 20 rows ago, and threw it in a corner, where it is ahem, 'resting'. I cast on for that one so quick cos I had to go to my parents' house overnight (when I also dropped off all the baby knitting), and I have this weird fear that if I leave the house on a big journey and don't have anything on the needles, then I won't be coming back. Weird, I know. So, the celtic knot stole was the thing I cast on to ensure my survival on the trip. God, writing that makes me sound so weird, but I guess everyone has theire little quirks, right? Right? (looks round to see everyone backing away slowly)


knit, crochet, stitch, stick said...

:) Glad you liked the tutorial. Where in Scotland are you from, I am Scottish but live abroad.

your quite a knitter... so busy

Viknits said...

Wow wow wow that celtic knot stole is beautiful! I've just saved a copy of the pattern for after my stashalong!
I was just reading about your dancing, I really *must* get back to dancing as soon as I can.