Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year!

So, if you've been checking out the links on the right, you'll have noticed another ring I've joined. I've joined the project 365/52 group (the link links to the blogspot page, not the ring. You can get to that via the link on the right, I'm sure) The aim is to take a picture every day of 2008 (or every week, but I'm going for every day), and post it on your blog. Kind of like FroggieMeanie's blog the shots thing she did last year, which was very cool and I wanted to do it too, but I didn't have the motivation she did. I'm hoping joining the group will give me the motivation I need. So, I've taken todays picture already, but I'm going to post them every Tuesday, so there'll be 7 pictures next week (keeping fingers and toes and pointy knitting sticks crossed!)

So how was everyone's Christmas and New Year? It was pretty quiet here, but I got lots of lovely presents, including some knitting and dancing related. I'll post about them tomorrow, I just wanted to get my plans out here first. Keeping the motivation up, and all that. Plus, I need to take pictures of them, lol!

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