Sunday, 27 January 2008

365/08 15-21

Tuesday 15/01 - Dave the cactus. Yes, he has a name. :) My bf thinks I'm super weird for this, but I've always named things - plants, teddies, just about anything. Hmm, thinking about it, my sword doesn't have a name yet ;)

Wednesday 16/01 - Tupac standing under the weight bench to eat. He's weird :)

Thursday 17/01 - Sorry! This week is full of crap photos. This one is a close up of some rolls. I was trying to be all artistic and stuff, and took like, a billion pictures of these rolls, and they all were just - well, just pictures of rolls.

Friday 18/01 - Another trying-to-artistic shot. Well, I was trying to capture how pretty this light is through the window in my door. I'm not sure it turned out so good.

Saturday 19/01 - This is a bit nicer :) It's a close up of a bag.

Sunday 20/01 - I made a pomander with instructions from Beauty and the East, an orange and some cloves.

Monday 21/01 - Erp! I forgot to take a picture! So as filler, here's a picture of the cloves from yesterday. I thought the name was funny :) Fudco! I just want to do the Beavis and Butthead laugh every time I say it! But (hanging head in shame) I still forgot to take a picture :( That, combined with all the crapola pictures I took this week, makes me realise it's actually pretty hard to take a picture every day, without resorting to crap macros or pictures of the dog. I can see there's a danger of this turning into the Tupac show, which wouldn't really be the point in the whole thing. I want to take pretty photos, of things I normally wouldn't take pictures of, to stretch myself in terms of photography and art. So I'll have to try to think of imaginative things, which is quite hard. I'm sure there will be lots of Tupac filler days, but I suppose even if I take a few nice pics then it'll be worth it.

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