Wednesday, 9 January 2008

365/08 : photos 1-7

My first photos from this year! I gotta say, taking even one picture every day is hard! It sounds easy, but it's quite hard to think of something new, even in the first week. It also seems to make the days more distinct. You know how time seems to go so fast sometimes - you blink and a week's over? Well, not this week, cos I've been trying to get a picture that shows something about every day.

Monday 01/01 - an easy day to take a picture for. Calenders!

Tuesday 02/01 - My Dad bought a new computer last week, so he kindly brought me his old one. Of course, I don't have a proper desk for it yet, so it's sat on a TV unit he gave me before Christmas. It's set up in the bedroom, so I can watch DVDs on it, but it's also good for games, better than the PC I'm using just now.

Wednesday 03/01 - Snow! It didn't lie for very long, but it was snow anyway. (I love snow!) My dog was also very excited, running up and down the garden. I had to call him in eventually cos he was liable to hurt himself sliding about, but I think he had fun.

Thursday 04/01 - Part of my new years resolution was to be more beautified, so I plucked my eyebrows. I know, not very exciting for the rest of you normal people, but this is the first time I've done it like, ever! I know, I'm weird, but I just could never be bothered. But this year I'm going to sort all that out and be beautiful!

Friday 05/01 - My first cop-out picture of the year - the dog's hair on my camera's macro setting. I love how the individual hairs can be seen. I'm not much of a camera techie - this is as technical as I get, but I do like macro.

Saturday 06/01 - My friend was clearing out her dance drawer, so I got a lot of new veils. They're very pretty.

Sunday 07/01 - Another cop-out shot, but I thought it was funny.

And that's the first week of the year over. I think it's kind of interesting how I've got different shots for each day, and I like having to think about my day instead of just letting it drift by.

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