Tuesday, 5 February 2008

365/08 22-28

Erp! This should have been up last week, but I've been busy, and the bf's been eating up the bandwidth, which makes it impossible to upload pictures. Blogger doesn't seem to like uploading if the other computer on the lan is doing anything internety :( Anyway, while he's sleeping, here's last week's pics.

Tuesday 22/01 - A pretty picture of some stones in a dish.

Wednesday 23/01 - In my plans, this was going to be the picture I took on Monday (when I didn't take any). The church hall where I practice dancing. I'm practicing Isis wings right now (as well as sword, but I can do sword in the house), so all that space is pretty useful!

Thursday 24/01 - Oh no! I don't seem to have a picture in my folder for this day! I was so sure I'd taken one :( Grrr, that means two days this month that I forgot!

Friday 25/01 - Tupac eyeing up my bf's dinner. Honestly, this is what he's like every time we eat, and he just will not stop it. I think he got sent out the room soon after this pic was taken.

Saturday 26/01 - A pretty sparkly thing for dance day. This is a close up of a large glass necklace I own. No photoshopping or nothing, just a close up.

Sunday 27/01 - You've seen this pic already - the baby hats for my cousin. I washed them before I went down to drop them off the next day, so this is them after drying. I wanted to test the machine washableness before I gave her them. This is also the day she was born, so it's a good pic for that day. :)

Monday 28/01 - I'd actually gone to visit my parent's to give them their anniversary present. They've been married 30 years now! This is the cards they got from various people.

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