Wednesday, 13 February 2008


I made Monkeys!

I have this HUGE cone of 100% wool that I found in a charity shop ages ago, and after I'd finished making Wicked, I was looking through the stash trying to find some other firey coloured thing that I could make. I have a sweater in mind, but it would fit in with the earth theme of project spectrum better, so it's waiting till April, which isn't that long really. So, I came across this huge cone, and suddenly realised it's sock weight yarn! I could get a squillion pairs of socks out of it, but it's sock weight regardless of how many billions of yards are in it. So I cast on Monkeys on Monday night, and finished them this afternoon (Wednesday). I got a bit obsessed ;/

I knit for hours and hours yesterday and today, so long that I got about 2 level ups in Knit Wars just for the time alone. I think possibly Knit Wars might be partly responsible for the obsessiveness. I play a lot of RPGs anyway, and levelling up is always fun! I'm Level 4 now, squee! (I'm so going to need to put the button thingy in my sidebar)

Anyway, the socks! I love them! I'd started making them before, but with stripey yarn, and the stripes didn't really work with the pattern. I like them in a solid colour much better. And this yarn is so bright! I had a lot of fun making these, obsessed as I was.

I even swatched the yarn first, and washed it and everything, cos in the cone, the yarn felt a little scratchy. But once it was knitted up and washed with some hair conditioner in cool water, it felt just fine! The pictures are of the socks unwashed (I just couldn't wait!), but even then they're not so scratchy as I thought they might be. So I'll probably end up with lots of red socks from now on! I want to make the beaded shawl from the new Vogue Knitting as well:

My mind's just buzzing with new things to make right now. I just need to remember to get some sleep between all this knitting!

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Moggle said...

Fantastic monkeys, and that shawl looks lovely too!