Thursday, 21 February 2008

Some WIPs

Immediately after I finished the Monkeys, I cast on some Pomatomus. I've finished the first sock now, and am just past the heel on the 2nd. I'm using the same wool as for the monkeys. This pattern is so much more difficult though. Or maybe not difficult, now that I'm halfway through the 2nd sock, but it's definitely more fiddly. It took me 4 hours to get through the first repeat on the first sock! But it's worth the time spent on it:

I actually cast it on in orange first of all, but then realised (after two long repeats, that this shade of orange is possibly the worst colour that could sit against my skin. It made me look all washed out and yucky, so that got frogged, and I went back to red. Anyone else noticing a theme here? It seems all my projects so far this year except one baby hat is some shade of red or pink :)

Oh, and I changed the toe so that it was in the ribbing used in the rest of the pattern. It looked kind of weird suddenly changing to stocking stitch, at least to my eyes, when the rest of the sock was ribbed. The sole is still in stocking stitch, I only changed the top.

After completing the first sock, I needed a small break from Pomatomus-ing, so I cast on this Chinese fortune cat, also in red:

This is him unstuffed, and without a face. The pattern is from and is so adorable! I hope mine turns out as cute as hers!

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Viknits said...

Thankyou! :) And thanks for stopping by my blog :)

I love love love your monkeys and pomatomus! Do like your colour choice!