Sunday, 10 February 2008


I finished Wicked!

I love it! It didn't use up quite as much stash as I thought it would - only 2.75 balls of Wendy Aran, so roughly 550 yards. So I've still got a ball and a half left over, but I'm so pleased with this top! I suppose I could have made it with long sleeves, but I prefer the short sleeve ones that people have made, so I kept that look.

I made a couple of modifications to the pattern. Originally, I cast on 128 sts, for the 40" version, but that was way too big. The next size down had 124 sts, which doesn't divide by 8 for the cable rib pattern, so I cast on 120 and increased by 4 on the 1st row after the cable rib. I made the body longer to about 12.5" before I added the pocket, then I added another inch of stockinette before the bottom ribbing, as the pattern had the pocket hitting right on the ribbing, and I didn't like that. And I also changed the bottom part. It was supposed to be seed stitch instead of ribbing, but I did the cable rib again. The sleeves as well, the pattern calls for just going straight into the ribbing, but I knit a few rows first, 5 I think.

This was my first top down sweater, and I tried it on sooo many times before I was finished. I'd definitely make more though, because of the ease of adding shaping.

Ooh, this also counts as my first Project Spectrum project of this year. I've been on a massive joining kick recently. I joined Knit Wars, just in time for getting xp for finishing Wicked! And I've also been joining random groups on Ravelry (I'm in 49 now, which isn't much compared to some, but still seems like a lot!).

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