Saturday, 7 July 2007

Instanst Stash Enhancement Part 2

A basket full of crochet cotton. There's also a couple of balls that are left out of this picture, cos I have a plan for them already.

There were some crochet shapes that she had already made - they're gorgeous! The cotton is so thin, and variegated, and there's more of it in the basket! Yay!

Crochet patterns.

Knitting patterns. I know, the photo is like a bad job lot photo from ebay, but there's so many, and I didn't want to spend too much time arranging them all out. Here's more of them:

Some of the patterns are a bit old and dated, but I'll keep them anyway, cos I'm a hoarder! And my tastes might change someday. After all, I never thought I'd make the blackcurrant/blueberry top. Some of them are fantastic though, and some of them are just so kitsch!

It's a bit blurry but you should be able to see the little cap - isn't it just brilliant!? I might never make it in my life, but I'm so glad just to have seen this picture - it definitely brought a smile to my face.

I was just totally stunned when I opened the bags and found all this loot! She's so generous, and every time I look at it all, I'm just like - wow! yay! I sooo need to get to those sewing classes though, and I also need to tidy it away before the dog lies on it all, and gets his hair all over it - I have a moulty dog, who is lovely, but quite hairy. But I'm having fun just now looking at it all.

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