Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Crazy Crochet

In keeping with the crazy theme, I thought I would post some pics of my latest crochet creations.

A crocheted poo! Actually a crocheted happy poo without a happy face. I was going to add the happy face but my bf was so grossed out that I was crocheting a poo that it seemed funnier to leave it like that. His reaction was actually the best bit about making this, he seemed very disturbed by it. He kept looking over at me while I was making it, with this puzzled look on his face. When I brought the yarn into the room he asked if I was actually going to make it from dark brown wool. Like I should make it blue or something, to be less offensive. And he asked me to remove it from the table, as it was grossing him out too much. You'd have thought I'd left a real poo on the table from his expression.

I'm so mean, I hadn't meant to wind him up so much, but once I realised it did annoy him I took great delight in showing him my new creation.

This is my more normal creation. A crochet spiral chair back/table cover thingy. I was going to take a picture of the pattern so you could see the modifications I had to make cos I was running out of cotton. In between the points there should be semi-circles. But I had only this much cotton left after finishing so I did the right thing by leaving them out:

The spirals were the thing that drew me to the pattern in the first place, something that wasn't too flowery or delicate. I immediately thought of this cotton for it when I saw the pattern (when I find it, I'll edit this post so you can see). I think the colour changes make it quite funky. I got both the pattern and the cotton in my instant stash enhancement, and started making it pretty much immediately.

The modification wasn't that hard either. This is only my second time making a something crocheted from a pattern, and it was quite daunting when I realised I had to change it, but I seem to have got the hang of crochet pretty quick. Enough to follow a pattern anyway, and make basic changes.

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Sarah Beth said...

I love this spiral crochet, I just wondered where the pattern came from