Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Still working on the hip scarf. I never thought it would take this long to make a rectangle. Although even my bf pointed out that with such thin wool it would take a long time and did I not realise this when I started? What can I say, I was blinded by the lure and excitement of a new knitting project. I'm going to fold it in half, I think, a rectangle that wide over my hips will not be flattering, I think. Then I'm going to bead it and fringe it. After I've crocheted the fringe out of the tiny thin wool. And I've decided on the method of closure round the hips. I thought about just tying it round, but that didn't feel right. Too messy on the part of the hips where it needs tied. I want a clean line all around. I thought of making a hole in it to pull the other end through. Not so messy, but still a bit messy. So I've decided to link it together with little hooks that can be linked onto eyes on the other end. I'm just hoping it won't stretch with use! That's why I chose moss stitch, so it would be fairly inelastic, and firm. I'm just worried about the 'fairly' part.

I've also been looking at the new Magknits. I like most of the patterns in this one, in fact I think I would make them all apart from the bag with the bird on it, and only because I'm not that into knitted bags. If I was, then I guess I would make it. Jellyfish, Stargazer and Devon, are all calling my name right now. Nereides too, but to a lesser extent.

And I've put my name in to sign up for Ravelry. I've seen it on soooo many blogs, and didn't really think I would be interested, but it's peer pressure, ok! It's not my fault! I'm still not sure if it'll be for me, but I figure, how will I know unless I try it? I feel kinda like I'm being a total follower, a sheep even, following the latest craze. But is being a sheep such a bad thing in the knitting world???

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