Tuesday, 23 February 2010


If you're on Ravelry, you'll no doubt know all about the Ravleympics - a group event challenging ourselves during the winter Olympics. I'm taking part this year, in the team for the Manic Purl podcast (it's one of my favourite podcasts, and she's based in Vancouver where the Olympics are actually taking place, so I figured that would be the team for me. Go TeamManicPurl!!!

I was going to knit and write up a shrug pattern that I've been thinking about for ages, but the sizes were really too much to think about at the moment. There would only have been two measurements, back width and arm circumference, but it was really too much to think about. So, a few days after the Ravelympics had begun, when I still had nothing cast on or even thought about, I decided to change tack. I'm pretty much used to desigining socks by now, I've got the hang of all the sizes and measurements for that, so I decided I would design a pair of socks for the Olympics. This was about 3 days into the 17 day event. Goodness knows what I was thinking!!

So I spent the first day swatching and trying to come up with a pattern for the socks. That went kind of well, except the yarn I was using wasn't really showing the pattern up. So I switched to another yarn, but this one was too variegated to show up the pattern.

Ravelympics Take 1

It photographs well enough as you can see, but it was just invisible in real life. So I went to a solid yarn.

Ravelympics Project

Ravelympics Project

Finally it's working!! I'm nearly at the toe shaping on the first sock, and I'm very excited about the pattern. I just had to post pics to show you all! Normally I would be a bit wary of posting photos before I publish the pattern, (I've already come across one pattern that may just have been a coincidence, but it was very similar to another that someone had been talking in depth about, and well, part of me doesn't really believe it was a coincidence... but I just won't knit that one, that's all) but it's my intention to knit the 2nd sock and have the pattern published by Sunday the 28th. Um yeah, that's only 5 more days. But I think it's do-able. It might drive me insane, but I think I can do it. So long as I can stay off Ravelry and Facebook, that is!


Kate said...

They're looking splendid. Solid sock yarn is brilliant for patterns, even if it looks boring in the skein. :-)

Viknits said...

Beautiful! And.. bollocks (sorry)! Great minds must think alike as I've literally just blogged about my sock design (not yet published, or indeed written) which looks so similar to yours! I don't mind stepping back though as I've got other stuff that needs to take priority, and your lace looks better than mine so I'll be queueing your pattern once done! Have queued your previous one too :) It'd look great in a really summery colour!
Hey I'm loving the purple top further down!
Good luck getting done before the 28th - it's really crept up hasn't it!
Love, Vik xx

yarndancer said...

Vikki, I love your sock pattern, please write it up soon :)

I'm just paranoid, I think. I think sometimes there's just a common theme that people pick up on, and it's easy to read too much into things (I know I do have a tendency to do that, which is probably what I'm doing with that other pattern)

I do remember a post on Rav where someone had inadvertently re-invented the Monkey socks :)