Wednesday, 17 February 2010

IntSweMoDo2010 Sweater #2 Completed!

I haven't been about on blogland so much lately :( My brain has not had much space for that recently. It seems like I've been super busy and stressed and have only had head space for quick things like Facebook or Ravelry (not even uploading pics on Rav either, just browsing patterns and forums). So I guess what had to give was blogging and posting about knitting here and on Rav. But I want to get back into it, so here goes... :)

I have been knitting tons though. Knitting is very good for emptying my head and getting back into a rhythm. I've finished the next item on my IntSweMoDo2010 project list.


It's the "Woman's Textured Sleeveless Pullover (C179)" by Melissa Leapman (rav link). It's a free pattern from the Cascade Yarns website, you can get it here. I didn't use Cascade yarn though, I used James C. Brett Aran With Wool in a wine colour. I used a size smaller needles and a larger size in the pattern to get the right size for me (the gauge was a little tighter, but that's the way I like it with that yarn. It recommends 5mm needles, but I think it looks too loose when I use that size. Gauge is right, but it just looks wrong.)

I really liked knitting this vest. I actually made it in January, but I just got around to taking pics and uploading and blogging just now :( Lack of headspace.

So this is the 2nd of my IntSweMoDo sweaters. I've actually knitted a third (another vest) already, but again, I need to take pics, upload and actually write about it. I'll be starting my 4th sweater soon. So far it seems like I can knit two a month. Although they're not full blown sweater sweaters, they still count ;) Now if I could only do the rest of the stuff that goes with it. But I think things are starting to calm down around here though, so I hope I'll be around a lot more.


torirot said...

Nice pattern, and a beautiful colour - well done :-)

Kate said...

That's gone straight to my queue. :-)

It really suits you and the colour is splendid!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pullover! I love the way it looks on you!