Thursday, 18 February 2010

A New Craft and New Supplies...

As if I need anything else to fill up my time or head with, I have been drawn to the dark side, and last week I got myself a drop spindle!!

Drop Spindle Kit

Drop Spindle Kit

Drop Spindle

I haven't even attempted to spin anything yet, it's actually a bit intimidating! I'm watching lots of youtube vids and sort of getting my head around it first :D

I got the kit at Twist Fibre Craft Studios. I went to Newburgh for a completely different purpose, but of course I had to go in and buy lots of yarn-y goodness.

Sock Yarn!!

3 balls of sock yarn. The pink was to go with the leftovers from a previous pair of socks actually (you'll be seeing them soon!), so that was totally necessary, otherwise I'd have had 1/3 of a ball left over. We can't have that now, can we????

Sock Yarn

I'm going to make some sort of cowl with the brightly coloured yarn, and am not sure about the reddy-orangey one yet, but it looks pretty :)


I also bought 3 balls of alpaca yarn! It's Artesano Alpaca 4 ply, and I'm going to knit a sweater for tribal dance with it. Big open garter stitch, I think it'll look quite cool. That's going to be my IntSweMoDo2010 project number 4. That was also a completely necessary purchase in order to make this project. :D

I love going in to Twist Fibre and browsing all the different yarn. Only trouble is it results in huge purchases like this :) At least I managed to resist the books and magazines, my queue is already quite big enough!


Kate said...

I've been to Twist Fibre once, though I managed to avoid all spinning temptation. :-D Love the Trekking colours. They never seem to do a duff colourway.

photoknitdog said...

Can't wait to see what you spin up! I have resisted spinning so far... not sure I can afford yet another expensive hobby! ;)

Moggle said...

Hurrah, another spinner joins the ranks :-)