Saturday, 20 February 2010

Monet Ellipse Socks - Pattern Now Available

I mentioned that on my brief hiatus from blogland, I had actually been knitting lots, and I've been designing too! Now that my brain is becoming a bit less fried, I've even had a chance to write things up :)

Monet Ellipse Socks

These are the Monet Ellipse socks, available to buy from Ravelry, or you can can use this link to buy the pattern.

They're named after the impressionist artist Monet, for the way in which the pattern really comes into its own when stretched around a foot.

I think the pattern is very good for semi-solid and variegated yarns, and it came out quite pretty in the pink colourway (Zitron Trekking XXL colour 305). The cabled ellipses create a vertical pattern which goes nicely with any horizontal one created by such a yarn, and it would also look fantastic in a solid colourway. The pattern calls for any sock/fingering weight yarn and 2.75 needles.

I've written the directions in 3 sizes, as cables have a tendancy to pull in, even when used with ribbing as in this pattern. I recommend making a size larger than normal, for this reason.

I hope you like this pattern :) I enjoyed knitting them, they're quite fast and enjoyable to knit. The cables provide variation and interest, and I think I may actually make some more of these soon...!


Viknits said...

Thanks! I love the socks! Just going to look for them on Ravelry then I can queue them :) xx

torirot said...

Nice sock! - and a great photo, love the contrast!

Moggle said...

They are awesome! I'm going to go and queue on Ravelry now.

Anonymous said...

What a great pattern. Good job!