Thursday, 14 May 2009


I have a new favourite pattern of the moment :)

Jamaican Tam
Jamaican Tam
Jamaican Tam

Black and Pink Hat
Black and Pink Hat

Pattern: Peaked Slouch by Zuleika Lambe (rav link, buy pattern link

Seriously, I cannot impress upon you all how much I love this pattern! I've barely had the jamaican striped one off of my head since I made it!

I became obsessed with making this pattern after I saw Zu's jamaican tam come up on ravelry, and needed to have one! It's so cool!

I made a couple of mods, just added one extra row in the working straight section, and did stripes on what would have been 10-12 (11-13 since I added one in grey) after asking the designer exactly where she had placed her stripes :) My hat did have to be the same, after all! I also added decreases on the first sc row, and made the brim using a 4mm hook to make it more solid ( Ihad to add a couple of rows to compensate for smaller size).

This pattern is so fast and fun to make! I made those two yesterday, and I've become a bit addicted :) They're excellent stash busters too, cos the stripes can go anywhere (so many ideas in my head just now, it's not even funny!)


Samsara said...

Oo, nice! Makes me want to grab my hook! :-)

Zu said...

Yay! You have made my day!! I'm so glad you like the pattern! The hats look so good on you too.
*hops and skips away with joy*

Anonymous said...

oooh, I love the first one the most, I think. They're awesome looking!