Monday, 11 May 2009


It was my birthday on Saturday. And yes, as you probably guessed from the title of this post, I'm now 30 years old!

I feel like I should finally be officially an adult, but to be honest, the inside of my head still doesn't feel very adulty :) I was a bit worried in case I'd feel terrible about turning 30, but I actually feel more excited than anything else, about having a whole new decade to do new things in!

I went to my parents on the Thursday, and came back on the Friday. On the Saturday I went to my dance classes same as usual, because I figured what else would I be doing? I'd just spend the entire day on Ravelry :) And I had a bollywood performance at night, which was actually a really nice way to spend the evening. Most of the class went, and we did our dances, which went quite well, and then we all had fun dancing to bollywood and bhangra. The performance was at a charity event for empower the children, a really worthy cause, so I didn't want to be a grump and stay home. I just celebrated my birthday on the Thursday with my family, and the Friday with the BF, who, now that I'm 30, should really be called the OH or "him indoors" or something :D

I got loads of great presents, I was quite awed by it all really. I got a new camera,

My New Camera

which I love! I've been experimenting with it since I got it, and it's so cool how having more features means my pictures can change. It does great video too, which I wasn't even looking for in a camera, but is a wonderful bonus! (Dance vids, yay!)

My lovely sister got me a digital photo frame so I can see all the photos I take, and the OH (see how I slipped that in!) is getting me a tattoo, well, paying for it. I decided what I want, and I'm making the appointment tomorrow. I've checked out the studio and everything already, talked to the artist, I just need to phone and get it all confirmed. I'm very excited!

I got some knitterly presents too (I know that's what you were wanting to see!). I got The Knitted Odd-bod Bunch by Donna Wilson, and some yarn, which is probably going towards a belt for my tribal style dancing.

New Yarn!!

Lovely colours, all purple and pink :) I got a couple of other books: bead knitted bags by Julia S. Pretl and fabulous flirty crochet by Katherine Lee

All in all, I had a wonderful time over my birthday. Turning 30 was fun! :D

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Samsara said...

Happy Birthday! I cna't think of a better way to spend your birthday! :-)