Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mariposa Sock Pattern Available For Sale!

Mariposa Socks
Mariposa Socks
Mariposa Socks
Mariposa Socks

I've designed these socks, and put them up for sale on ravelry. You can buy them there for £2.50, if you're a member of the ravelry site. If you're not, you can email me at the address in the top right corner (the contact me box), and we can work out another way to purchase the pattern.

I designed these socks thinking about what the perfect summer's day would be like. I imagined butterflies, one of my favourite aspects of summer, and thought about how I love to have them flying around me, being all pretty :) So I designed some socks so I could always have butterflies flying around my ankles.

The socks are knit cuff-down, and the butterflies are made using cables and twisted stitches. The pattern is both written and charted. I used Opal Uni 4 ply, in shade 1412 (pink), but any other fingering weight yarn can be substituted. The pattern is written in one size, but instructions are given on how to customize the fit.

Hope you like them :D

1 comment:

Kate said...

They're really cute; glad you've put them up for sale.

Just FYI, you can link to your Ravelry downloads from your blog so even non-Ravelers can buy them. Drop me an email if you need some hhelp. :-)