Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sad :'(

I had some bad news on Thursday. My gran passed away during the night.

I miss her. I'm crying as I write this. I just can't think of any words that could express how much I love her, what a wonderful person she was, so nice and warm, and she just radiated that grandmotherly glow.

She was 75. I still don't know what happened but she evidently died in her sleep at home, with no disturbance.

I'm glad she got to meet her great-granddaughter (my cousins baby) before she died. She loved that little girl and it made me happy to see her happy. The joy that came into her voice on the phone when she talked about her...

I'll be missing from blog-land for a while. The funeral's next thursday, and I'll be at my parent's house without internet all next week. If only I could drive I would be there now, but it's so far away. I've basically been living on ravelry since thursday. You've no idea how soothing it is to read acrylic/natural fibers debates when you're trying not think of how sad you are and how distracting they can be.

I wish I could think of a suitable piece to write about my gran. Maybe I'll be able to write more of what I feel as I get over the shock a little. Until then, all I can say is I love her and miss her, and I hurt :(

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