Thursday, 21 January 2010

Project 365 8-14

Yay, project365 is still going! Not a day missed so far :)

Jan 08

I was trying to get a picture of something else in the room, and put the camera down after I'd finished. As I took a step back, I realised that this actually made a better picture than the one I'd just taken. So I grabbed my smaller camera and took this picture instead. :)

009/365 More Snow!
Jan 09

This was the last big snowfall round here. We got an inch overnight.

010/365 Zen
Jan 10

This is a little decorative thing the bf set up. I changed the colours in Photoshop to sepia-ise it.

011/365 Sky
Jan 11

This was the first day that the clouds went away, and the snow started melting. The snow was really pretty, and I have to say snow is my favourite weather, but it's not very practical for living daily life in. Especially since with the slightest bit of snow, everything in Britain seems to grind to a halt. So this little bit of blue sky was very welcome.

012/365 New Glasses!
Jan 12

New glasses! I mentioned them in my last post. I got them on a Tuesday, so it seemed appropriate for self portrait Tuesday to take a picture of myself in them! I'm not so sure I like this picture, but this project is at least forcing myself to look at myself and be honest about what I look like. Which can only be a good thing, right?

013/365 Devil Dog
Jan 13

There has to be a picture of Tupac! :D Here he is, messing up the new throw that we got for the sofa. Anything new, he has to cover in his hair. You know, just in case we start thinking it's ours or something ;)

014/365 Simple
Jan 14

This was a fortuitous arranging of things on the table. I just looked at the table, and the things were like this, so I grabbed my camera :)

I think I'm getting a bit better at grabbing photo opportunities by doing this project. I hadn't realised that quite a few of them this week had been just taking pictures of things that were already there, instead of having to arrange a shot. I've noticed some themes coming out of this project already, it'll be interesting to see how it goes on.


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Nice photos--each so very different!

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