Saturday, 9 January 2010

Project 365 1-7

Well, I started doing project 365 on New Years Day, which is where you take a picture every day for an entire year. I tried it before and only lasted for just over a month, I think, so hopefully this time I'll manage more. I've got a flickr set with all my photos here, and I'll post them here with a short description. To be honest, I think it'll be a bit easier this time around, because I went to a digital photography class last year, and I understand a bit more about cameras now. I can experiment with different settings on those days when inspiration is a bit harder to come by, and generally try different things out. So here's my first week of photos.

001/365 Shiny
Jan 01

This is some tinsel really close up. I wanted something festive but not christmas-y, and the light was shining really nicely off of this tinsel. I have two standing lamps in my living room, and always wrap tinsel around the stands at Christmas time so the light shines directly down onto it, and it looks all pretty and stuff :)

002/365 Tupac In The Falling Snow
Jan 02

This is my dog Tupac in the back garden while snow is falling. I think he's a bit confused here. He really likes to jump around in the snow, but hates it when rain or snow is falling onto him. I'll try not to make this a 365 of Tupac pictures, but he does look cute :)

003/365 Cat Washing In The Snow
Jan 03

A cat washing in the middle of the road. In the snow. This cat wasn't budging at all. This was his bit of snow and he was staying there till he'd finished doing what he was doing!!

004/365 Running In The Snow
Jan 04

This is Tupac in his more normal "snow mode". Running up and down the garden being completely mad!

005/365 Self Portrait
Jan 05

Self portrait :) I'm trying to incorporate other projects into my 365. This is part of self-portrait Tuesday (there used to be a blog for that, but I think it's just a flickr group now, the blog is gone), and "52 weeks of self portraits"

006/365 Playing With Light
Jan 06

This is my favourite so far. I was experimenting with longer shutter speeds in the dark. This is a fibre-optic lighty uppy thing from the pound shop that changes colour.

007/365 Compare and Contrast
Jan 07

And number 7! I've noticed recently a whole lot of stupid notices and stuff on packaging. Like how to open a box, for example. Not kidding! The photo's on my flickr stream here. These are two Ariel bottles with apparantly different measurements of liquid inside. The older one on the left has 666ml of liquid, the newer one on the right has 667. Where did the extra ml come from? Is it even in the bottle, or are Ariel just pandering to somebody who complained? Anyway, I thought it was mildly amusing. I've decided to make a whole other flickr set for every stupid packaging label I see from now on. Sadly, I think it's going to fill up kinda fast...

So the first week of my 365 project went OK. I'm still motivated, and still have plenty of ideas. I think incorporating other projects like the self portrait thing will make it easier by adding a bit of structure.

Oh, and I've noticed quite a lot of people are doing project365 this year in the blogs I read. If you're doing one, let me know so I can come look at your photos!!


Samsara said...

Oo, nice pictures! I love the fibre-optic one! And I think I take more photos of my cats and dogs than anything else! I love the portrait of you, did someone else take it, or is it a self timer?

yarndancer said...

Thank you Samsara! I used the self timer, I'm trying to get better at it. I took about 100 photos though before I could get one I thought was good enough though :D

Karen said...

Great photographs! It's fun that they're so varied--and I loved seeing what you look like! (You look nice!)

Kate said...

My favourite stupid labels are always the WARNING: CONTAINS NUTS ones on packets of brazils or any sort of nut, for that matter. :-) Maybe the extra ml was a special, 0.3% extra free offer or something. :-P

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