Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sewing Cushions

There's not been much knitting or crocheting going on round here lately :( And it's all because of spring being on the horizon. (I say "on the horizon" because we actually had heavy frost/snow here yesterday, and now we have gale force winds, sigh)

My partner/bf/other half (why is it so hard to decide what to call him if you're not married?!) has got a serious case of spring fever and is going mad spring cleaning the house. I know, it could be far worse, and he could be a man who expects me to do it all, but it's kind of annoying watching this whirlwind going through the house trying to tidy when I'm so naturally messy, and don't get the whole spring cleaning thing. Anyway, last year I'd decided to sew some cushions using the stuffing from old pillows, but only got as far as pinning bits of material into squares, then shoving them into a bag. And recently the questions started... "When are you going to finish those cushions you started?" etc. So I decided to start finishing them.

I've made three cushion inserts so far.

Each cushion insert has the full stuffing from a pillow, so they're very soft and squishy :D

They're all hand-sewn, so it's taking forever to make the inserts, and I haven't even started thinking about the covers yet.

I used some material that I had lying around, that I had received from a friend of my bf's mother. It was about 12" wide, and yards long. I wanted 18" cushions, so I sewed two strips of it together side by side to make the 18" (you can sort of see the construction in this photo. I didn't cut the material apart from lengthwise, so I sewed two seams over the overlapping bits.)

Sorry about the blurriness, it's very hard to take a picture indoors of black thread on black fabric, when the weather sucks so bad :(

Anyway, then I tacked all the way round the edge, leaving just a bit at the corner for turning inside out and stuffing, which I then did. Then I sewed round the edge again, using an invisible seam that I learned at a sewing class one time. So it's taking ages, but it's definitely not going to fall apart!

I have enough black material for 5 cushion inserts altogether, but I have another 5 old pillows to use for stuffing, so I'll need to make another 3 inserts after the black ones, I think. At least. But, at least I'll have some lovely new cushions instead of squished old pillows.

I had been a bit worried at the start of all this if the inside of the pillows would be all grotty and dirty, because they had been used as pillows by us. But they seem fine, and the cushions are going to be used by us too. I would feel a bit differently about using someone else's pillows I think, but when I took the pillows apart, the stuffing looked clean, and the only problem was that it was all squished down. Now it's torn up and put in the cushions, it's all fluffy again :D

Unfortunately, this means that I haven't had much time for knitting or crochet. I've done a bit of spinning though, and I'm trying to fit in my other crafts around cushion making. I'm trying to convince myself of how lovely it'll be when I have all these cushions, and no old pillows or this fabric lying around, but I may have to cast something new on soon to break the monotony! :D


torirot said...

What a nice granny blanket you have!

Yarndancer said...

Thank you! It's my Roseanne blankie, inspired by the one on the TV series :)