Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Question - Should I Post A Video?

OK, I have a video of me dancing my drum solo. It's not at the local hafla that I helped organise, but it's from another hafla a week later. It's not professional quality or anything, it's just my camera stuck on a table at the front of the seating area, and I wander out of shot a couple of time. And I am by no means a professional type dancer. I think I did well, but I'm not one of the Bellydance Superstars just yet!

Should I post it?????

I'm a bit scared, cos it's like, putting myself out there. But it'd be interesting, I suppose, to show y'all that I do actually dance :D

Maybe I should put it up for a short time, just to show people, then take it down again later? I don't know.

Also, for people who've uploaded vids to youtube, can you disable comments on that site? I've stopped reading comments over there, because no matter what video I watch, there are people at the bottom saying "you suck!" Seriously, I don't scroll down past the video part at the top any more. I hate Youtube commenters, hiding behind "anonymity" to be cruel and nasty to people. Or is there anywhere with less traffic that people would recommend posting a video to? Thanks :)


Samsara said...

Of course you should post it! I'm dying to see it :) I think you can upload video straight to Blogger if you want and not have to put it through YouTube...

yarndancer said...

Oh, that's interesting! I'll have to look into that. That would be much better than having to deal with youtube people :)

I guess I'm just shy and needed some more reassurance. Feels kind of silly but sometimes some shoving is required to get me going on things!

SpaceJunk said...

You could definitely post it here on your blog if you wanted to. When you are making a post you just have to hit the little "insert a video" button instead of "insert a picture" and then browse for the video on your hard drive and upload it.

I put a few videos of myself dancing on youtube. Very novice videos of me practicing bellydance in my living room. I was very nervous about it at first and so I uploaded them as private and only invited my friends to see them. But then I decided to take a chance and make them public and see what happens. I chose the option to have the comments "only with approval". So people can leave a comment, but if I don't approve it it will not be seen by anyone. I did have a comment or two that were very critical and that I didn't like, but overall it was a good experience as I did get some positive feedback and it did get me over some of my camera shyness. I just told myself that it didn't matter what other people thought if I was proud of myself for trying something new.

There is also the option on youtube to completely disable comments and ratings on individual vids you upload if you should choose to go that route.

Anyhow, I don't know if any of my rambling here will help or not, but good luck to you! Would love to see the video if you do decide to upload it somewhere =)