Thursday, 17 September 2009

Odd Socks

These are the latest things to come from the big box of boucle :) A pair of odd-ish socks, that will drive the bf mad since he likes everything to match exactly. Not quite to an OCD level, but close enough that these will drive him nuts every time I put them on. Insert evil grin here ;)

I made a plain yellow sock from some acrylic DK from the box, but went a bit mad and made the cuff 8 inches long, which meant that I didn't have enough left to make another sock the same size. I weighed the yarn and everything to make sure, but I think I would only have enough left for a cuff, and I didn't want to knit that much and then have to rip out again. Luckily, there was some baby green/blue yarn in the box that was the same weight, and there was enough of that for a full sock.

Making two completely different coloured socks would just drive the bf into full blown loony land, and I figured it was a bit too much for me too, even though according to an 8 year old boy I know, odd socks are super-fashionable ;) But I figured I could make a half of each sock yellow and the other half green/blue and they would match. But by the time I figured this out, I was kind of sold on the idea of different coloured socks (again, evil grin), so then I came up with the idea of different halves of the socks being those colours.

I snipped the yellow sock just above the cuff (kind of wish I'd got a photo of the plain yellow sock now), picked up stitches from the cuff, and knit another foot in the green/blue. Then I picked up the stitches from the top of the yellow foot, and am now knitting up in 2x2 rib for the cuff. I'm going to do a sewn bind-off a la Elizabeth Zimmerman (from "knitting without tears" book) so that the tops of each sock will look the same. Even though one is a cast on and one will be a bind off, they'll match :)

I was a bit weirded out by these socks at first when knitting the green/blue foot. I thought they were going to be too strange even for me. But now that I'm further up the green/blue cuffs, I think they're going to look pretty funky when they're finished. I'll still have a little of each yarn left, but I already have plans for it. The ugly yarn stash is decreasing steadily!!

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Samsara said...

Hmm, interesting idea! Although my BF often wears odd socks, so it wouldn't get to him :)