Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Some Springtime Loveliness

The weather here has been a bit drizzly and damp the past few days, so to brighten things up, I thought I'd post some pics of flowers and plants from my garden :)

Wallflower flowers :)

Wallflower flower :)

A wallflower plant that my bf planted from seed last year, and this year it's really blossomed! It smells really nice too, but it makes me sneeze :( Stupid allergies! I really love the colours though :)

My Tulip


I planted some tulip bulbs last year, but they weren't terribly succesful, only one came up this year! But it's very pretty, and I'm quite proud that I managed to grow that many. I usually kill plants just by looking at them!

Here's a pic of the leaves of an acer tree that I planted, this came already grown, that's why it's even big enough to have leaves - I didn't have anything to do with it!

Acer Leaf Focus

And I planted some bamboo shrubs along the side of the fence. They're just small just now, but they'll grow big soon! I took a pic of my troll toy hiding behind a clump.

7/30 07/04/2009 Bam-BOO!

Now if the weather would just brighten up, I could go out in the garden and enjoy all these plants for real! :D

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