Sunday, 19 April 2009

Finding Motivation

I've been dealing with my lack of motivation and general lack of energy recently by taking projects just a little bit at a time. Even if I only get a little bit done of the things I need to do every day, it's still better than nothing!

Today I took photos of all my knitted a
nd crocheted FOs, and WIPs, and am in the process of uploading them to ravelry, if you want to go have a look, my profile page is here. I'm still not ready to write about them all here yet, but I will soon enough :)

I've got 4 projects on the go just now, and am switching between them. That seems to be keeping my interest going. Normally I get antsy if I have more than 3 WIPs, and want to finish them all, but I think I'll probably end up casting more on just now! But it's cool, because whenever I go through a period of startitis, there's always a finishing period afterwards when I feel like loads has been done, because it's all finished at the same time!

Boring things like housework are also suffering because of this lazy, unenergetic feeling. I've started making a list of chores to do every day, and even if I only weed a bit of the garden, it's still less weeds than there was before. Must just keep repeating that to myself - I have a tendancy to get stressed, and want to finish everything all at once, then get annoyed when it can't all get done in the same day. Breaking tasks down into manageable chunks seems to help. I can make a list of all the smaller tasks, then I feel encouraged to do the rest of the job after I've ticked the first pieces off.

I reckon it must be the start of summer, and the change of the seasons that's causing this feeling of ennui. It always sets me off, the sun makes me feel like I should be a hundred times more productive and prolific than it's actually possible to be, but at the same time I just want to lie around and be lazy too. I liked Zu's idea that she left in a comment on my last post of crocheting small projects in the garden! That way I can combine both feelings at once! :D


Kate said...

I'm kind of looking forward to this summer. I'm planning lots of sitting in the garden with knitting while DH and the small people fetch me drinks and food at my command. :-P

But I get stressed, too, at the idea of dealing with huge tasks. It's easier taking it one step at a time. I've got the whole house to clean, so made a start by hoovering the hall and cleaning out the fridge. It feels good doing *something*. :-)

Samsara said...

Well, you have been busy haven't you? :-) I love to craft in the garden and I'm looking forward to finishing my course so I can loll un-guiltily! Mind you, I'll probably end up gardening because I've not had a chance to yet this year and the garden's looking like a jungle at the moment!

Zu said...

I'll have to stop by your ravelry page then. :-)
I uploaded a few things today myself.
Glad you like the idea. I was out enjoying the sun today with my yarn. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you find your motivation soon! It's kind of a bummer to lose it... I should know, I lose it plenty. I'll check out your projects page to look at your WIPs... I'm sure it will all turn out beautiful in the end. :)