Tuesday, 3 March 2009

February Review

February was another productive knitting month :)

I started the Shetland Shorty shrug at the end of January, and finished it at the beginning of February.
My only project for my Year of Colour was the Sheep and Wool hat, which I haven't got any pics of yet :( Actually, writing this has reminded me, so I'll try to do it soon.
Then I heard about the Vest-uary KAL on the Stash and Burn podcast, so I finally made the Back To School U Neck Vest, which I'd been meaning to for ages, so I'm pleased about that.
I made another Luna Lovegood scarf, which I actually haven't blogged about yet.
Then I made a mohair cabled scarf, which I haven't blogged about yet either. :/
And I finished my Icelandic Turtleneck sweater on the 28th, with both armwarmers. Another thing I need to get pics of.

I need to do more colour knitting, I think. I think with the weather getting warmer through February, I've been less inclined to knit hats and gloves and things like that, and I've been set on knitting garments.

And I need to get more pics of my knitting, and blog about it more regularly. I've been too obsessed with my camera, and Flickr, recently. Ha, that sounds odd. Too obsessed with my camera to take pics of my knitting! :D I'm getting better with my camera though, I understand some of the more technical aspects of photography now,, and I've been having lots of fun experimenting.

I also performed at a hafla with my Isis Wings - no vids unfortunately, but other people took some photos, so I may post some of them soon :)

Hmm, from reading over this post, although I did a lot, I still have a lot to do!


Zu said...

You have done a lot!
Don't feel bad, I've been crocheting like mad and have no photos of anything but my kids. ;-) I've been meaning to take pics of my crafty stuff for ages!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a lot of knitting done in February! Looking forward to seeing your icelandic sweater.

And there's nothing wrong with being photography obsessed... it's actually kind of fun! Though it can be an expensive hobby. Oh, wait, knitting is too! ;)