Sunday, 10 August 2008

Putting Magic Loop to Good Use

I'm knitting BPT just now, pretty much exclusively. I finished my magic loop socks:

I used an Opal self striping yarn that I got from Twist Fibre Craft Studio. I had to fiddle a bit with the yarn, cutting bits of yellow out so that the heel and toe could be all orange, but it worked out pretty good :) The magic loop technique itself sped up for me after a while, but it's still slow trying to move the stitches around the needle. And they would always catch on the join in the needle. No stitches broke, but I was worried a couple of times.

And it's useful that I learned the technique, because I'm using it in my BPT just now, for the sleeves. I got to the sleeve bit sometime late at night, and couldn't be bothered searching the house for DPNs, so I just put the stitches on the needle I was using, and magic looped it!

I'm most of the way down one sleeve now, just the other to go, and the hood.

I like this pattern, but it's so much stocking stitch! I keep having to get up and wander about the house for ten minutes, because it's driving me nuts! There's a cable every eight rows, but still! I do have other projects I want to cast on, but I'm going to visit my parents on Tuesday, so I kind of feel like there's not much point in starting something new. And I want to finish the sweater too. It's funny, I start off all driven, wanting to finish, then I'm driven demented by the stocking stitch, and have to do something else. I did print out the pattern for Laminaria , that's next on the shawl list. Maybe I'll start it soon. Just after this sleeve :)


Lobug said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Isn't Magic Loop nice!! I just got converted in the last 2 months, and I love it. I empathize with your st st woes-- it gets so wearisome. Good job sticking with it!

Moggle said...

I love your green cardi. Off to ravelry to find out what a BTP is.