Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Laminaria, a work sort of in progress :)

I'd thouhght I'd write a post about one of my many WIPs. The knitting I'm actually doing just now is secret deadliney stuff, so I can't write about it, but I have one or two other things waiting in the wings. I think it'll only take another 3 or 4 days till I'm finished what I have to do, then I can get onto some creating that I can actually write about!

So, Laminaria. I'm in the middle of the first section so far, and it looks kinda pretty. :)

I'm using a yarn I think I mentioned before. I got 3 skeins of handdyed laceweight off ebay ages ago ridiculously cheap. I seem to remember it being something like £2.99 for all three skeins, but part of me is thinking that can't be right. But I think it is. See, ridiculously cheap!!!! Each skein is approx 900 yards, I remember that. So I should be able to get a good two or three shawls out of it. I already have another one picked out for this yarn: the mystic light shawl by Anna Dalvi. It's a pay for pattern, but I think it'll look really good in this yarn. I'll wait till I've finished Laminaria first.

What I've got done of Laminaria, I've enjoyed. I didn't get to do much of it before other things got in the way, but I'm going back to it as soon as they're done.


Kate said...

The yarn is gorgeous. Even at £2.99 *per skein* it would have been a bargain. :-)

Cristina said...

That's beautiful yarn! I'm really looking forward to see how your Laminaria turns out (I personally find that pattern terrifying).

*goes off to stalk eBay for similar deals*

MusicRaven said...

Good luck with Laminaria, I am sure it will be lovely. The yarn is delicious!

Viknits said...

Oooh another Laminaria! You appear to be at a similar stage as me - I'm on repeat number 4 of 8 on the blossom chart - how about you?
Your yarn's gorgeous, and wow - what a bargain!

Moggle said...

Your shawl is looking great, it's a really beautiful colour.