Friday, 15 August 2008

Bpt and other random stuffs

Oops, in all my excitement of knitting the BPT sweater, I forgot to actually link it or anything. So, it's BPT from Knitty. To be honest, I never thought much about making this pattern. It wasn't even in my queue. But I was looking for a jacket-y type sweater, using the pattern browser on ravelry (which is just brilliant, by the way. It comes up with little pictures of all the patterns, and you can add or take off subsections to totally customize your search, and it's fab. I use it all the time to find patterns in a specific weight of yarn). BPT popped up, and I admit, I wasnt much impressed by the pictures. But then I looked at other people's projects, and I noticed that solid coloured ones looked much better than variegated ones (in my own humble opinion :) ). And I started thinking how it would actually go really nice with the green yarn I was wanting to use. The yarn is Teddy Vanguard DK - actually worsted weight. I'm still not entirely used to the american system of weighing yarns, and think it makes little or no sense at all. But that's just because I'm used to seeing a certain size of yarn being called double knitting, for like, all my life! Now suddenly, it's all changed because of the american system being more prevalent on the internet and in yarn stores, and I don't like it. Hmph. So there. :)

Anyway, rant over, this yarn is my new favourite acrylic ever! It's so soft! I don't know if I'd make a proper next-to-skin sweater out of it, I think it'd be a bit hot and sweaty and clammy under it. But it's fab for things that won't be next to the skin, like jackets or cardis. I've used it for my seraphina shawls as well, and they turned out nice in it.

There's not been a whole lot of progress on the sweater. I was away for a couple of days and I'm still on the second arm. So there's no point taking more pics. I'll just link to the old one on flickr again. :D

Off topic - I totally need to upgrade my flickr account. It's getting filled up with pics, both my ravelry account and my private one. I was thinking about merging them, cos I can just keep my private pics so only friends and family see them. And it would mean I only have to log in to one yahoo account. Logging in and out of yahoo accounts is a royal bum pain! It just seems so much more finicky than having multiple hotmail or anything else accounts. So that's another thing for the to-do list.


Zuleika said...

You're so right, I like it better in solids colors as well.

I hate yahoo because of the signing in difficulty as well. I know it's all for our safety and such, but it's bloody annoying!

Samsara said...

Oh you've nearly finished your hoodie! I'm still not much further with mine but it's nice to see how it will turn out like eventually :-)